by Johnny Marvel

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The first release


released April 4, 2013

Bass/Vox - Jack Stewart
Guitar - Leo Clancy
Drums - Henry Schwittay
Mixing and Production - Bo @ Antidote Audio
Recorded at the Sound Hole, Portrush



all rights reserved


Johnny Marvel UK

Three guys who like music, Lord of the Rings and current affairs, unleashing a vicious beast through their voices, drums, and guitars. That beast is called Johnny, and soon, all you'll be able to do is run. Run for your life.

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Track Name: Brothers and Sisters
I need now another,
A sister, a brother,
Who's gonna guide my way back home,

I love her, the summer,
My teacher, my mother,
A woman of beauty and of grace,

One, Two, Three,
Come with me,
Set your sights high,

The world it is burning,
And all the smoke,
I'll leave this earth and watch you burn,

The bones how they smoulder,
The curve of her shoulder,
These sights and sounds will make my day,
Track Name: Fabric Maverick
Polyester tongue tangles me in his cruel words,
Nylon gun, guns me down I stay unheard,
Multi-coloured hair, traps me in it's groovy flow,
I'm oh so comfy here, I've got no other place where I can,

Kiss me quickly I won't tell,
I'll send your maverick straight to hell,
I'll bring him to my world below,
And nobody will ever know,


Cherry picks the pretty girls,
With all his patchwork fingers,
He doesn't mind,
His cotton brain it never lingers

Kiss me quickly, break me down,
The Fabric Maverick got away,
The Fabric Maverick wanting more,
And then i'll throw you out the door,
Track Name: Mother Summer
The super sexy she's so smooth,
I'll take my pick which path I choose,
Wind or hail, or sleet, or snow,
My feet still moving to and fro,

Grab some friends it'll be alright,
Walking away all my time,
Pass the drink and pass the drugs,
Just make sure you pass some love,

Mother Summer, Brother Sky,
Will one of you just tell me why,
When summer sun decides to roam,
I need a guide to take me home,

Love behind your back it hurts,
But I don't know which is worse,
When it's in your face it stings,
I want to forget everything,

Take me home...home,
Take me home...home,
Take me home...home,
Take me home...home,